In Conclusion...
 Equus New YorkBilly Elliot New York
ENO Coliseum, LondonLes Miserables, New YorkMary Poppins, London

FocusTrack is here to help you create a detailed, accurate record of the show, in the quickest, most efficient way possible, and using information you’ve already created - the lighting showfile. The end result will be a complete, accurate record of the show - great for a historical record, for a crew who have to maintain or tour the show, for recreating it for the future. And, of course, for copyright purposes, should things ever end up in a row.

FocusTrack is already in use on many shows, with many satisfied users. Of course, they all have ideas of other things they’d like it to do - and, over time, it’s learning to do some of them.

Why not try it for yourself? You can download a demo that, with a few minor functions disabled, will work for a couple of weeks.

Or if you have questions, please get in touch.

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