What information can FocusTrack store?

RigTrack Big Picture

FocusTrack consists of two main sections:

this stores information about the lighting rig - what each channel is, where it’s rigged, what it’s purpose is, where it’s patched. For conventional lights, which only have one focus, it can also store information about the focus - in grid, descriptive or other written form, and/or as a digital photograph of the focus.

RigTrack can also maintain maintenance logs for lights, recording when they've been swapped in and out of the rig and the repairs that have been done to them, and can track the number of hours that moving lamp bulbs have burned, giving warnings when lamps are due for replacement.

It’s like Lightwright - except that because it has access to your showfile data, it can also tell you which colours or gobos you have actually used, and which lights you haven’t. Plus because it gets the patch from the console, you know the patch information is correct!

this stores information about how moving lights are used. For each lamp in each position a ‘lamp-focus’ record is created. You can then add the information you need: a grid focus, a description of the position or purpose of the focus, a set plan with a cross showing the focus position, details of the scene the focus is used in or the scenery it is used to light, or a digital picture of the focus. You can also record the first cue that each focus is used in, if required, making it easy to see when you need to re-focus lights when stepping through a show.

FocusTrack can also store a cue list for the show with a cue description, cue times and a digital photograph of the cue to give a complete record of the show.

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