What else can FocusTrack tell me?

If you've imported the showfile from a lighting console, FocusTrack can also figure out other things that are used. For example, it can show you which conventional lights you've used, list all of the preset groups that any given light (moving or conventional) is actually used in during the show.

This means that if you've programmed your colours and gobos using preset groups, it's easy to see which colours you've actually used in each scroller, which gobos you've actually used in each moving light and so on - allowing you to rationalise your rig next time you do the show. FocusTrack always shows you things that are actually used - so if you got a light set to colour red but that light never actually comes on in red, it won't show up in FocusTrack's used lists.

FocusTrack can also help you rationalise your focuses to speed up touring shows, showing you focus positions that are very similar to each other for each light,

This information allows you to quickly rationalise your show programming or the setup of your lights, saving you time and the production money.

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