How do I get the rig information into FocusTrack?


You can either enter the rig information into RigTrack manually, or you can import it from a number of other popular lighting programs, including John McKernon’s Lightwright and VectorWorks Spotlight.

If you’re using a console that is compatible with FocusTrack (currently the Strand 300/500 series, ETC’s Eos/Ion or MA’s grandMA1 and grandMA2), RigTrack can import the patch automatically from the console showfile; this will import channels, the dimmers they are patched to, the fixtures they are patched as and other related information such as pan/tilt inverts. You can them merge in other information from Lightwright (fixture type, rigging position) to give a complete record of what each channel actually is, where it’s rigged, what colour it is, etc.

RigTrack can even play ‘spot the difference’ between the console patch and Lightwright, telling you when patch, position, colour or gobo information don’t match - far easier than cross-checking by hand.

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