Once I've got all of this information into FocusTrack, what can I do with it?

FT Find
FocusTrack is a database, so you can search or sort through information as you would in any other database. Some useful things would include:

• you've had to swap out channel 1. In RigTrack, you can note that you've swapped out a particular unit and swapped in another for maintenance purposes. In FocusTrack, you can list all of the focuses that channel 1 is used in and so check that the new fixutre is behaving as it should.

• a particular item of scenery is on stage, giving you a good opportunity to check that the focuses to that scenery haven't drifted with time. Ask FocusTrack to list all of the lamp-focuses that relate to that item of scenery and then check through them on stage. FocusTrack can prompt you with lists of scenes and scenery so you don't have to remember what you called a particular piece of scenery.

• A lighting bar's been jostled, so you need to check all of the units on electrics 1: just select that position for a list of everything you need to check

If you have to work through a lot of focuses, FocusTrack can loop through focuses automatically, showing you a big picture and just letting you press return to move to the next; these screens have a dark background to better blend in with the working conditions during a focus. And if you need to work cue by cue, FocusTrack can do that, too: the recent UK tour of Miss Saigon got a dress rehearsal to fix the moving light focus on tour: they just followed through the cues and fixed each focus the first time it was used.

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