So, is FocusTrack a bit like WYSIWYG?

Lights focussed on scenery

No. WYSIWYG and other lighting visualisation tools will show you what a light is meant to be doing in an ideal world. FocusTrack is intended to let you record what a light is actually doing in a show - where it’s actually pointing, why it’s pointing there, exactly how sharp or soft the gobo is, the gobo alignment, the shutter cuts.

The two tools can complement each other, though. If you’re pre-programming a show you could take screen grabs showing how the lights were focussed in WYSIWYG and store them in FocusTrack along with descriptions of what those focuses were used for; when you got to the real rig you could check your focuses against the WYSIWYG ‘ideals’ stored in FocusTrack, adjusting as required to compensate for ‘real world’ factors (lights rigged off-level etc).

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