FocusTrack Revision History

2.416/8 March 2023: New Eos console types recognised. Fixes to Eos control for Eos v3. Updates and fixes to PowerTrack, including merging back in branched development PowerTrack versions. Can store alternate cue picture in CueList. Much faster log importer for PowerTrack. Reliability improvements to Eos console control. Printing issues in recent MacOS versions fixed.

2.401/9 November 2018: List break lines working properly again in FocusTrack and RigTrack. Issues with importing from .ft2 files (ie. importing and old .ft2 FocusTrack into a new one) resolved.

2.400/5 October 2018: Mac OS X Mojave compatibility. Moves to v16 engine with benefits including drag-and-drop into photo fields. Eos showfile name import properly from Eos 2.7 showfiles

Note1: If importing an old FocusTrack, you will need to update the old FocusTrack files to the new .ft2 file format: run the new FocusTrack then go to Utilities > Import from Old FocusTrack, press the ‘Update to v2.400’ button, then import as normal.

Note2: When running on OS X Mojave, using FocusTrack to control the console will cause your Mac to warn you that FocusTrack wants to control System Events, and will then ask you confirm that you are giving ‘Runtime’ (which is FocusTrack’s engine) permission to do this. You need to allow this in order for FocusTrack to be able to talk to your lighting console.

2.383/1 October 2017: Fixes a a few more Eos 2.6 issues - importing dimmer-only channels with text labels where only alternative channels were appearing, correctly importing blocked part cues, correctly importing cue block/assert status.

2.382/7 September 2017: Fixes Eos issue with patch label field sometimes importing incorrectly in 2.5/2.6. Eos patch database now also imported, into a new RigTrack Data List view from which you can move this information to other RigTrack fields (note that the Eos information will be re-imported every time you re-import a showfile; fields are shown with a tinted background as a reminder of this - changes you make to these fields in RigTrack will be lost at the next import). Buttons here to quickly copy Eos gel to RigTrack’s colour field. Show name field width now consistent across print-out cover pages. Updates to Eos attribute list to match 2.6. Two digit fade/follow/hang/delay times now show correctly in Cue List (requires Eos v2.6 or later). Eos Scene Breaks appear in FocusTrack Cue List (requires Eos v2.6 or later) - Scene Text has its own new column, and will be automatically copied to FocusTrack ‘Scene’ Column (and Scene Break set) if that Scene field was blank - ie. it won’t over-write any scene notes you’ve already made in FocusTrack. Minor Eos import optimisations. FocusTrack will now correctly switch back to itself while controlling a console/taking photographs. Note: no longer supports very early (1.0 and earlier) Eos software releases, but really, why are you still using those...?

2.378/13 April 2017: Mac download is now a signed DMG file, so will run correctly on macOS Sierra.

2.378/8 March 2017: It’s 2017! Spelling corrections and tidies.

2.376/22nd April 2016: Fixed gMA2 import properly now - translator files back in the right place.

2.375/21st April 2016: Fixed gMA2 import which somehow got broken in 2.374.

2.374/18th April 2016: CueList now imports grandMA2 ‘cue info’ information. grandMA2 patch address imported properly from gMA v3.1.2.5 (which is now the minimum version supported by FocusTrack).

2.373/29th March 2016: Fixes to clear all function. RigTrack Shoot Order QF button works properly.

2.372/6th March 2016
New ‘shoot order’ field in FocusTrack and RigTrack, for helping to plan the order of a focus photo shoot on complex shows.

2.371/7th February 2016
It’s 2016! RigTrack merge from Lightwright improved, and new option to merge from Lightwright excluding patch added - this for when you want to update information (position, colour etc) from Lightwright into an existing show but already have correct patch information from the console.

2.369/17th November 2015
gMA2 filtering when controlling console works correctly again with gMA2 v3 and later. About FocusTrack/RigTrack/CueList shows computer name that currently has the FT open and previously had it open to allow easy version checking when using Dropbox or similar services.

2.368/7th September 2015
Eos console control now works with Eos software 2.3+ and with earlier versions, based on software version detected when importing showfile. gMA2 import corrections for version 3, both when importing positions active in show and when importing all positions in showfile even unused ones. New tools in RigTrack for adding/subtracting values from channel numbers, useful when duplicating positions then modifying the chan nums. Photo loop will take wash photos if sorted by first cue (and so sub-sorted by preset), as well as when sorted by preset. Clearer dialogue in Cue List Photo Loop. CueLIst multi-part cues hiding cue number correctly.Fields in RigTrack Focus view now showing correct pop-ups. ‘Omit Parts’ in CueList now working properly with gMA2 shows. New up/down field in CueList for exporting data to Excel where LDs prefer the time in one column. FocusTrack no longer locks up during import if you have a cuelist where none of the cues have any content.

2.358/4th March 2014
Fixed an issue with Eos single cuelist import from a multi-cuelist show that was seeing focuses appear from the wrong cuelist. Fixed an issue with Eos showing extraneous extra brackets for non-palette positions. gMA2 import shows follow/link time times as well as just status. gMA2 import respects specified cue range. gMA2 import shows cuelist correctly after first import.

2.357/4th Feb 2014
FocusTrack summary displays no longer confused by non-preset positions. Image Capture trigger now works correctly with OS X 10.9. Clicking in an existing cue number in Cue List no longer clears its cuelist/sequence number (so no longer forcing that cue to the top of the cuelist).

2.355/27th Jan 2014
RigTrack can now import data from WYSIWG: In WYG Data Sheet export to Excel format, then use new WYG option in RigTrack’s Import screen (thanks Gonzalo). gMA1 import deals better with cases where a single exported cuelist has the Seq xx NAME file format. Main and Inverted Main Menus match again. New ‘chan swap list’ printout - prints the focus pictures for one light you specify, intended to use as a checklist when running a show having swapped out a light (thanks John & Ron). Cue list photo shoot timer works properly with times of a minute or more again. Scene/scenery import into FT now works properly if the scene, scenery and/or moving lights are using a cuelist other than the first. Misc other tidies. It’s 2014!

2.350/22nd Nov 2013
Eos log file import for cue timing now working correctly with Eos v2. Student version limit now set correctly to 350 lamp-focuses. Correctly re-imports QuickFocus pictures in CueList after FocusTrack location move. Cue List lets you track changes in cue times - it can either show changed times after ‘Update Just Cues’, or you can manually Store cue times so that changes from that point on are shown. ‘Show Change’ will highlight changed times (up/down, up delay/down delay, att, follow) in orange; if you hover over a changed time a pop-up will show you what it previously was. ‘Export Changes’ button will export a cue list with changed cues (added, deleted, time changed) marked for those people still trying to manually update an Excel cue spreadsheet. Fixing misc issues with importing from Eos, when lights were moving in part cues with p/t happening in a later part than other atts. Focus by scene summary views can now sort by order - ie. you can see scenes listed alphabetically or in show running order. FogTrack fix; currently only works if the Fog is controlled by intensity. Printing twin-picture focus charts in RigTrack printing the correct alternate picture. FocusTrack Focus Loop shows all channels in focus cue as well as in first cue. New FocusTrack list view to show multiple photo names without thumbnails for speed. RigTrack indicates paired channels more clearly in list views. Fixed lockup when importing an Eos show containing no focus positions. Fixed lockup with FocusTrack summary views if there was a blank record in FocusTrack. Fixes an issue where Eos import would sometimes miss some positions (particularly where the first position in the show was a preset move position - ie. the light moved away from that position as fading up).

2.343/21st May 2013
Eos imports specifed cuelist only correctly. Eos gets follow/hang times correctly on first import. Misc print-out tidy-ups. Cue list with all parts showing correctly hides cue number for parts other than first part. New print options in RigTrack .Corrections to channel change display in RigTrack. RigTrack LW merge actually merges again. RigTrack photo filename increment/decrement buttons for all photo types, with the one for alt photo working properly. RigTrack new print option to print all three photos (single, alternate, wash) for each light. Rogue line on photo shoot list gone.

2.338/26th March 2013
Will accept data files from Eos Ti consoles. Power totals view in CueList shows cue block lines. New RigTrack print layout to give a focus chart that is easy to work from when actually focussing lights and which will look good printed to PDF for iPad (based on the focus sheets at the National Theatre). Pan/Tilt data comparison will now compare data for any ‘hard value’ (not stored in preset) positions. Palette list view and palette type divider lines in all list views work correctly where palettes have the same number but a different type. Pan/Tilt Data button renamed ‘Compare Positions’ to better reflect its most common use. Position list displays chans used in each position, used chan list displays palettes used by each chan. Main menu has had a little makeover in FocusTrack and RigTrack. Fixed an issue with ‘follow links’ option in CueList. New ‘sort by chan-first cue’ button in FocusTrack special sorting. FogTrack - like PowerTrack but for calculating fog/haze usage during a show! Can now jump to list view for that chan or position from chan/position summaries.By scene list now sorts by scene and has wider columns to display scenery better. RigTrack Show All faster. More robust checking for corrupt Eos data import files. Eos import shows Hang times correctly. New function to import cue timing data for PowerTrack from Eos log file: run your show, save the logs, place the ‘OnyxConsole.log’ file inside the ‘from Eos’ folder in FocusTrack then use the ‘Import Cue Timing’ button in CueList or RigTrack to pull the data in. New display and print options for showing which focuses and/or channels are used in which scene. Can now choose attribute type for FogTrack, for when you’re not just using intensity to control smoke. CueList now opens in main menu rather than cue list. Fixes an issue with Eos log import where cue trigger times were sometimes not appearing correctly. Minor speed-up to Eos console import.

2.329/17th January 2013
RigTrack no longer wipes over channel’s fixture types (if any) when re-importing a patch; if there is no name specified it will take the one from the console patch. If there is one specified, that will be preserved but you’ll still see the console fixture type as well on the Big Picture displays. One last occasional interruption to gMA/gMA2 console control in photo loop fixed. More improvements to figuring out fixture type on import. New option to apply a gMA2 filter when controlling the console from FocusTrack. Define the filter in the grandMA2, then tell FocusTrack (in the prefs screen) which filter to use. When setting positions for photos, FocusTrack recalls from a cue so you get the whole ‘look’ of the light even if not all of it is stored in the preset. This means you can define a filter so that colour, strobe and, most importantly, effects are not recalled during this process. Big thanks to Benny Kirkham for the idea and syntax, and all at Blue Man Las Vegas for the time to make it work. Misc tools to allow transfer from Virtuoso user’s manual database for show data transfer. Misc tools to allow merging of data from multiple sources (eg. imported manual focus database and Ion). Fixes to cue timing in Cue List Photo Loop, particularly with regard to cues where follow time is less than cue time, grandMA ‘FOLLOW’ cues, and Eos ‘Hang’ cues. The cue shown also now doesn’t change until you press ‘Go’ to run it, hopefully making it clearer which cue you’re actually in. New ‘import from old CueList’ button in CueList, replaces contents of current CueList with data from a different CueList file in the ‘Old’ folder. CueList correctly hides cut cue parts. MA2 point cues (particularly .xx cues) display numbers correctly. Cue Summary and PowerTrack working properly with Eos. New power data export button in CueList Power Total display. grandMA2 console filters apply correctly with gMA2 v2.7.

2.317/14th October 2012
Continues to improve grandMA2 support; thanks to all the beta testers for their contributions!

2.315/10th October 2012
gMA2 cue import cuelist shows times better. gMA2 can connect to console using Mac Terminal, removing the need to have onPC and a PC emulator running. Use the ‘connect to Terminal’ button in Prefs to open the connection, then use Photo Shoot as normal. Fixes another quirky Eos import issue that was showing some positions that were in the show but with the intensity blocked at zero.

2.312/8th October 2012
Fixes some sporadic Eos import issues that would result in some lights missing some focuses under a strange set of circumstances. Eos import speed improvements. Import time shows correctly if import spans midnight. Improvements to MA1 console control via onPC on VMWare Fusion or Parallels. RigTrack now makes better guesses as to channel types (ML/Conv etc). New tools for tracking focuses manually in FocusTrack - set to ‘off-line’ mode and you will see places to store ranges of cues used for each lamp focus in FocusTrack. These can be filled manually or will will from QuickFocus. Can then step through cues (showing ‘states’ or positions first used in a cue) as with imported console data. FocusTrack will correctly re-import all pictures (as well as individual pictures) when folder location changed. Fixes to CueList’s Learn Cue Timing - deals better with cues called before follow-ons complete, with follow times including fractions of a second, with Eos Hang times, and now also flags cues where the cue or follow time do not complete before the next cue is called. Start of support for grandMA2; this is currently functional but in beta test. If you want to help with this, email for instructions!

2.223/19th May 2012
Various Eos fixes: Strangeness with cuelist not importing properly fixed. Correctly detects palettes used (lamp on) in the first cue of the show and palettes moved to live. RigTrack Usage screen correctly shows palettes that are the only palette used by a channel (ie. the only colour used in a scroll). RigTrack Eos patch import will show the channel label even when only one part of the Eos channel is labelled in the patch. Eos console control turns on lights from 0. cues properly. New option (on by default) to send ‘LIVE’ to Eos before channel control or Photo Loop to ensure it is not messing up cues in blind or parked channels. Note that there is still a known issue with Eos import showing positions as ‘live moves’ if they were marked. This has happened because of a change in the Eos export data. Will be fixed soon...

2.221/16th April 2012
More options for dealing with multiple focus pictures in RigTrack. New buttons for configuring to use Eos camera software or Apple Image Capture in FocusTrack preferences. New button to use cue pics as quick focus pics for every cue in Cue List. Revisions to show title on printouts to better accomodate long show names.

2.219/3rd December 2011
Eos ‘-colour’ option now works properly again (thanks to the gang at the National Theatre). Misc other fixes. P/T data comparison now shows comparison when QFing channels in that display. Fixes an issue importing Eos shows where most or all of the moving lights are in hard values rather than presets. Improved Eos post-set detection with hard value (non-preset focus) positions (thanks to Malcolm Glanville for the Rambert showfiles). New print option for printing just the wash/group picture for moving light positions (ie. all of the lights on at the same time) (thanks Brandon Baker).

2.217/27th October 2011
Adds options to display or print positions with scene and scenery for figuring out photo sessions (thanks Brandon Baker).

2.216/25th October 2011
Inverted data list now shows Preset type for all palettes, not just alternate ones. Short Main Menu now available inverted. Wash Photo option now available in manual as well as console photo loop. Cue List Photo Loop correctly deals with grandMA ‘FOLLOW’ cues.

2.215/5th October 2011
Add LampFocus now works properly in Single Show mode. New prefs options to exclude colour and stop effects when using photo shoot with an Eos console. Eos import: Will now import from Gio consoles; will now correctly get last position of a light if that light is still on at the end of the show (thanks to the gang at ENO); used in cues information for the last focus in a show now no longer contains garbage entries; gets correct cue time and delay for attributes; now shows block and assert status of cues; new Cue List option to highlight Eos block cues (orange line appears at top of blocked cue - ie. where the block ‘wall’ would be). Fixes to Cue Summary and PowerTrack (thanks to the gang at FDA New York). New import option for Opera Australia Excel files. New ‘Opera-style’ printouts for rep changes (currently A4 only; print to fit page for other sizes) (-Geordie, sorry it’s taken so long).

2.212/7th August 2011:
grandMA import brings in fx, path, follow and link information, and correctly flags new and deleted cues. grandMA multiple cuelist import correctly shows all of the cues in CueList. grandMA import shows blank for down delay if there is no down delay. CueList layout changes to better show grandMA link and fx information. Eos repeat import will now get updated palette names (thanks to Jeremy Cunningham and Michael Berger). New photo loop mode for only photographing one ‘wash’ picture of each preset; lamp-focuses must be sorted by preset for this to work (thanks to Tim Routledge). RigTrack Find pops up correct list for dimmer addresses. New ‘Frost, ‘Rigging’ fields in RigTrack. NOTE: Though we do not anticipate any problems, this version has not yet been tested on OS X Lion.

2.208/27th February 2011:
Strand import shows unused channels in RigTrack properly again. Scenes and scenery text visible in big picture inverted displays. Cue text no longer appears when no cue selected in FocusTrack. Items patched to 512 in universe x now show up correctly in RigTrack, rather than showing as universe x+1 address 0. Improvements & fixes to Strand patch import, Strand re-import into existing FocusTrack. Cue Summary printing to PDF added for testing - in RigTrack Print screen. Improvements to RigTrack printing. CueList re-import button will bring in multiple cuelists correctly. Eos patch import will get console channel name, p/t inverts and curve with Eos 1.9.5 and later. New ‘LD’ Cue List view in Cue List. Ctrl-clicking on Cue List QF button will find current cuelist only. Eos import gets cue delays correctly for Eos 1.9.5 and later.

2.205/26th October 2010:
Fixes to MA import (including dealing better with fixture-only fixtures, cue list only importing the specified cue range, dealing better with multiple cue-list imports).Cancelling the delete of a lamp-focus no longer gives a strange error message. Note: there is still an intermittent issue where the first time you import an MA show you will see no focuses. Hit Make/Update FocusTrack again and it should work properly. This issue will hopefully be resolved soon.

2.203/8th October 2010:
Addresses an issue with Eos import not finding the first position a light was used in under certain circumstances. New utility function to strip preset type-number from palette names (ie. palette name ‘PR56 Down Centre’ would just become ‘Down Centre’ since FocusTrack always shows ‘PR56’ next to the name anyway). CueList no longer jumps to the right if you use Go To Scene or Go To SubScene to move around. New print option to print by preset - either list form with focus or picture per light - with a picture of the overall wash (ie. all of the lights in that preset on) at the top of each preset. Column headings corrected in printouts.

2.202/21st September 2010:
grandMA patch import correctly merges channels into existing channels rather than adding duplicates (thanks to James Milkey, Ben Pearcy). New fault log functionality in RigTrack, for keeping track of fixture faults and printing fault log lists (thanks to Marc Polimeni for the idea). Photo loops retain the last photo filename at the end of a session, allowing you to start the next session without having to lookup the last filename used (thanks James, Ben). Photo names appear in photo loop displays (thanks to Kevin J Barry). Wash photos in loop show the correct position number, not the next position number. Camera control buttons available in FocusTrack Multi Photo display. RigTrack Cue Summary has new Super Summary function, to give an overall summary of the cue without reference to specific channels (thanks to Clifton Taylor for the inspiration for this). More iPhone/iPad tidy-ups. RigTrack will now properly tell you if FocusTrack doesn’t have a registration code, rather than just appearing to sulk.

2.200/14th September 2010
Support for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (requires
FileMaker Go, purchased separately); FocusTrack, RigTrack and CueList will show previous opening date/time/device to aid with managing files. New option to embed pictures in FocusTrack/RigTrack/CueList to allow them to be moved easily to Touch devices. Support for new Single Show licencing option. Main menus re-designed. All list views made more spacious. Preference displays made easier to follow. Automated photo shoot loop now available in FocusTrack and RigTrack. Speed improvements all round. Bug fixes - in particular, the bug where an Eos showfile would sometimes not import properly into a newly downloaded FocusTrack has (hopefully!) finally been fixed.

2.127/27th August 2010: Eos import now won’t miss last position of a light if it moves live to that position. Find screens re-designed. Can get to Chan Summary directly from Cue List, letting you see the contents of a cue while working on the cuelist; tick checkbox to make this follow cuelist next/previous cue buttons. Cue List auto-scene break can now work from capitalised cue text. Invert button on FocusTrack main screen. RigTrack list views re-designed to be easier to read. Option to embed photos into FocusTrack instead of just referencing them (check box next to photo import button).Can now see the last date/time a file was opened. Lots of behind-the-scenes work for something fun, coming soon...

2.125/3rd August 2010:
Improvements to QuickFocus grid to FT transfer when light is in the grid but not set to a palette. Test camera trigger button next to camera trigger control in preferences. Default focus grid picture in Cue List. Focus Loop Console warns to update at the end of a focus or cue so a focussed light isn’t set to a new position before it can be updated; new setup option to clear the grandMA programmer at the same time if required. Photo Shoot Loop has a new toggle that, if set, will bring up (and, if set, photograph) each lamp-focus in turn as before, but will then bring up all the lights in the focus and photograph that wash, setting the photo file name as the wash photo name for those lights (this will happen if you are photographing things sorted in position order). Data comparison and LW comparison screens now explain colour codings. Photo filename appears in Big Picture displays. Ctrl-clicking on ‘QF’ buttons will now find records matching the one you have selected without asking you to specify your search term. FT Tracksheet with grandMA improved. Addresses an issue with imported pictures of certain sizes not filling FT Big Picture boxes properly.

2.122/22nd June 2010
Addresses an issue with grandMA imports whereby lights alternating between two focuses would show neither of them in FocusTrack! grandMA import should be a little faster. Cues using focuses display for grandMA import fixed. Default application for camera control changed to Canon Eos Utility (but, as always, you can customise this to suit your setup).

2.120/14th April 2010
grandMA import will now function with positions programmed using XYZ values. Preset/postset detection now works correctly with grandMA, including taking account of MIB status of cues.

2.119/4th April 2010
Palette types now displaying properly in Palette Usage screen after Eos import.

2.118/3rd April 2010
RigTrack has new ‘Palette Usage’ display, lists all of the palettes used for all the lights in the show including light, first cue. New buttons for quickly converting all photo file names to upper or lower case, and for adding prefixes (eg. ‘IMG_’) and suffixes (eg. ‘.jpg’). First Cue QF sorts by first cue after find. Q picture button for FT Focus grids now works properly, and there are separate buttons for copying the cue picture or the cue grid picture from cuelist. ‘This cue FocusTrack’ button in Cue List will switch FocusTrack to a data entry view if it’s not in one. Will now correctly re-find existing photos when running on a new computer for the first time. Plan and ML plan display in RigTrack now display imported plans properly. Entering a registration code after the demo period has expired now works correctly. Photo loop camera trigger correctly disabled when running on PC. New F(irst)/L(ast) buttons for jumping to first/last item in list views in FocusTrack and RigTrack. Photo file name now appears in photo list views to allow easier checking of photos to file names. Photo loops in FocusTrack and RigTrack now have options to trigger camera from within photo loop; Cue List now has a Photo Loop mode. All Photo Loop modes now let you specify photo names as you’re taking pictures. Field matching for LW focus fields improved. FocusTrack list presets used function much quicker.

2.111/24th Feb 2010
Fixes an issue with hard zeroes being counted as on for move when importing from Strand consoles and looking for preset/postset moves. Strand pan-tilt only import now correctly finds min import level. RigTrack will now show used chans after pan-tilt only Strand import. Stepping through cues in FocusTrack or RigTrack will follow links properly. CueLIst ‘arrange in link order’ now shouldn’t get stuck in a permanent loop if cues link back to earlier cues.

2.110/21st Feb 2010
Fixes to issues with grandMA import, particularly with regard to QuickFocus grid, renaming or renumbering position palettes, and Chan Summary and PowerTrack. Re-import cue list in Cue List now works with grandMA. New ‘QF Chan and Pos’ button in FT Big Picture views (also available in LampFocus menu and via keyboard shortcut). New tool for importing lots of photos into FocusTrack and RigTrack in one operation. Help file correctly describes file/folder names required for grandMA import.

2.109/15th Feb 2010
Cue List will now correctly update and then display pictures after the location of the FocusTrack folder is changed or after importing an old FocusTrack. FocusTrack will display inverted main menu immediately at startup if that option set. Importing of lamp-focuses where the fixture is set to be blocked in its first cue in Eos corrected. Import of intensities from fixtures with sixteen bit intensity channels in Eos corrected. RigTrack’s Cue Summary and PowerTrack now show cue states correctly with Eos (they were missing out tracking channels after their first cue). Eos Intensity Palettes are correctly resolved. Picture notes in inverted displays are no longer black text on black background. Data List in FT now has inverted option.

2.107/4th Feb 2010
Fixes some more issues with QuickFocus.

2.106/4th Feb 2010
Adds tools to deal with FocusTrack’s match field (used to identify and match up lamp-focuses across multiple imports) becoming incorrectly set by FT versions 2.100-2.104.

2.105/3rd Feb 2010
Fixes an issue where focuses from QuickFocus were not matching imported palettes from Eos, resulting in duplicate palettes appearing. Misc other QuickFocus tidyups. New ‘rename palette’ button in FT, as for ‘renumber position’.

2.104/1st Feb 2010
New PowerTrack functionality in RigTrack - RigTrack can now calculate the instantaneous load and (if taught the way cues run in the show) the overall power used by a show. To support this, new ‘Learn Cue Timing’ function in Cue List, and both Fixture Library and RigTrack understand ‘idle power’ - the reduced power some moving lights drop to when the lamp is struck by the dimmer shutter is closed. Fixes Eos patch import issue where odd channels were going missing from RigTrack while still showing up in FocusTrack. Fixes Eos import issue where ‘hard’ (non-paletised) values were not appearing correctly in RigTrack.

2.101/18th Jan 2010
New ‘renumber position’ function (in Position List display). New +/- buttons for adjusting ranges of photo file names in FocusTrack and RigTrack.

2.100/16th Jan 2010
New QuickFocus functionality in Cue List and FocusTrack, including moving grids between the two. Display row separators revised to line between rows. Big Picture displays revised and tidied. Eos import fixes relating to Mark and blocked cues. Lights can now be tagged as type ‘LED’. Lots of misc tidy-ups.

2.025/18th Nov 2009
Multiple cue-list import supported from Eos and grandMA. Show Alls will now keep last selected thing, so you can work on an item but not lose your place when expanding the view back to all items.