Useful Links
FocusTrack is a useful tool, and there are many other useful tools out there that can help with the process of focus plotting or documenting your show. Here are links to some:

Console Utilities
ETC Eos off-line PC / Mac
MA grandMA OnPC
Strand Showport

Useful Software Tools
ClickBook - useful tool for making pocket-sized booklets of rig information
Dropbox - seamless syncing of files between computers via the web
GraphicConverter - great tool for batch-converting lots of pictures
Basecamp - a web-based tool for managing projects, like getting a show on!

Useful Lighting Software and Services
AutoPlotVW - useful macros for Vectorworks
ESPVision - visualisation software
Field Templates - lighting symbols, real and CAD
Lightwright - the industry-standard paperwork program
Modelbox - theatre CAD plans
Vectorworks - popular and powerful CAD program
        Purchase Vectorworks, US>    Purchase Vectorworks, UK>
                                                             Purchase Spotlight, UK>
West Side Systems - iPhone Apps and other useful tools
Wybron - iPhone Apps
WYSIWYG - visualisation software

Misc Other Tools
SuperDuper - versatile Mac backup software. Because you should...
VMWare Fusion - for running PC software like off-line editors on Intel Macs
        Purchase Fusion, US>    Purchase Fusion, UK>

        Camera Shopping, US>    Camera Shopping, UK>

        Computer Shopping, US>    Computer Shopping, UK>

Backup Hardware
ReadyNAS - Powerful, versatile RAID backup devices
        Backup hardware, US>    Backup hardware, UK>

Further Reading...
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