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The principal team at FocusTrack is Rob Halliday in London and Kevin Barry in New York. If you want to know more about FocusTrack, please do get in touch and we'll figure out the best way of letting you see FocusTrack in action.

If in doubt, email info{at}, or use the contact form.

In London: Rob Halliday


London-based Rob Halliday created FocusTrack and continues to evolve and support it in the UK and world-wide.

Rob's real day jobs are as lighting programmer for shows such as Evita, Mary Poppins, Billy Elliot and films such as My Week With Marilyn, and lighting designer for shows including West Side Story in Leicester and Goodbye Barcelona in London.

He created FocusTrack when he got tired of creating show documentation by hand - figuring that he’d already put most of the information he needed into the lighting desk, he set about creating a way of having a computer extract all of that information in a useful way. The result is now in use on shows world-wide.

FocusTrack continues to evolve - and Rob is always happy to hear suggestions as to ways it could evolve and get better. And while a demo version is available for download, he also happy to come and give personal introductions to FocusTrack. Wherever you are, get in touch.

Rob: rob.halliday{at}

In New York: Kevin Barry


New York-based Kevin Barry is a direct contact for FocusTrack users in the US.

An IATSE Local One, ETCP-certified electrician, Kevin has worked on many of New York's biggest shows of the last decade, including The Lion King, The Boy From Oz, Mary Poppins, Billy Elliot and the current hit revival of Evita.

He has constantly strived to apply new technology in service of maintaining the quality of lighting on his shows - as part of which he first started using FocusTrack on Mary Poppins in New York in 2006, and has used it on many shows since. During that time he’s made countless suggestions as to new features for FocusTrack, some of which have even made it in to the program!

Now he's part of the FocusTrack team, available to demonstrate the software, offer help and support or even carry out the complete focus documentation for shows if necessary. If you want to see FocusTrack in action and you're in or around New York, get in touch.

Kevin: kevin.barry{at}

You can also call:
UK: (+44) 020 3239 9793
US: (+1) 914 233 3809
though email tends to be a more efficient way of reaching us!