FocusTrack on the Billy Elliot First National Tour, Chicago, March 2010

The lists of used focus palettes and units make me want to get on a plane and hug you right now. Do you have ANY idea how many hours I’ve wasted over the last ten years manually distilling this information from print-outs on countless shows. It took me about three minutes two do this with FocusTrack. THANK YOU!”

John Viesta
Associate Lighting Designer, Bonnie and Clyde

FocusTrack is the most comprehensive lighting tracking system I have ever used. When we put together Billy Elliot’s First National Tour, we changed the Lighting Console, the Programmer and even added more moving lights to the 100+ intelligent fixtures. FocusTrack allowed us to keep track of it all and keep the design true to the Broadway original. It is an indispensable tool that allowed me to keep every focus on target. Anything else is just not complete.”

Kevin Barry
Head Electrician, Billy Elliot New York

My experience is that I used to spend hours documenting even small shows, particularly where decent off-line editors aren’t available. FocusTrack makes the process extremely easy, and I now have so much more information at my fingertips than I ever had before.

I think there are a lot of smaller scale shows and companies that probably think FocusTrack is too big and complicated for them, but my experience is that it is actually very adaptable to large and small shows and very good at dealing with as much or as little information as you have time to enter into it.“

James Gardner
Production Re-Lighter

FocusTrack was a great asset on Sister Act in New York. 125 moving lights in 100 presets plus FocusTrack equals 1600 photographs all taken in just eight hours, including all of the scene changes.”

Michael Pitzer
Production Electrician, Sister Act New York

Having used FocusTrack for a year on the US tour of The Wizard of Oz, I now can't imagine how people deal with tracking and re-focussing moving lights without it!"

Patrick Johnston
Head Electrician, The Wizard of Oz

FocusTrack’s strength is its ability to quickly distil all of the show information into one place and attach photographs, comments and details to the moving light positions and conventional fixtures. It’s very helpful to both designers and technicians: the crew can see exactly when a light is used so its focus positions can quickly be updated. And designers can use the same database to help put the show together for a tour. It cuts out the questions of ‘what did that light do?’"

John Viesta
Associate Lighting Designer, Young Frankenstein

For the Sao Paulo transfer of Miss Saigon, we had to use Mac2000 Washes in place of VL3000Q Washes and VL2500 Spots instead of VL2000 Spots. Having a record of what things were meant to look like enabled us to focus the new lights and get the show looking right again in just one day. For the Australian tour we are 1000km and six days show to show. We get about seven hours to do 1200 moving light focuses; that's something that we can only manage with FocusTrack. "

Richard Pacholski
Associate Lighting Designer, Miss Saigon

The lighting for Woman in White relied on many very specific specials and very focussed moving textures, all of which had been carefully plotted during the London production to avoid casting light or shadow onto the moving projection screens that the show's scenic design was based on. As usual, technical time for the New York transfer was not on our side, and therefore the cue structure from London had to be retained precisely and with the aid of FocusTrack we were able to recreate accurately the careful movements of the specials and textures. The US members of the team were amazed at the ease of the process, especially as they had been used to lots of paperwork and focus tapes to recreate moving light focuses. FocusTrack won three times: it allowed me to recreate the show swiftly and accurately, it saved hours of time and it saved the producers thousands of dollars in crew overtime. Always a winning combination!"

David Howe
Associate Lighting Designer, The Woman in White

FocusTrack provides the tools to track automated lighting in any situation without having to customize your tech process. It has given me immediate information while in fast-paced production and generates long lasting archives for reproductions that help expedite the process with ease."

Jared Sayeg
Lighting Designer for theatre, dance, musicals, architecture and opera

Transferring Tamburlaine into the Barbican with 23 moving lights and 431 different focus positions would have been impossible in the tight schedule of three days without the aid of FocusTrack."

Neil Austin
Lighting Designer
2010 Tony Award Winner, Best Lighting Design for a Play for Red