FocusTrack Services
Documenting The Woman in White, New York

FocusTrack is designed to give you all of the tools that you need to fully document the lighting of your show - figuring out which lights are used where and then letting you add descriptions or photographs of those focuses for a complete, comprehensive record of the show lighting. It has been proven on countless shows around the world.

But there might be times when you can't or don't want to do all of this work yourself - the time available to document a show often comes towards the end of a long, exhausting tech period when you've already seen quite enough of the show, or have to get out of town to start work on the next one!

We can help!

FocusTrack - Focus Listing
Want lists of which lights use which focuses in which shows, without having to purchase FocusTrack? We can do that with any of the consoles FocusTrack supports, sending you the lists FocusTrack generates as PDFs or in a variety of other useful format. You won't have all of the extra functions FocusTrack can offer, but you will have a list of the focuses you need to document. This service costs 150 for an average show, and may be a little higher for really complex productions. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and for a quotation.

Show Focus Plotting
The staff at FocusTrack have an enormous amount of experience in documenting show lighting. We can take over any part of the process, from analysing the show in FocusTrack through to taking the focus photographs, adding them to FocusTrack and creating final CDs containing the complete show lighting bible. The process can be carried out quickly and efficiently working with your show lighting team. Photography is carried out using high-quality Canon digital SLR cameras and lenses.

Pricing for these services depends on what you need, where you need it (we have people available in London and New York, and prepared to travel!) and the complexity of the show, and is therefore subject to individual quotation. Please get in touch to discuss what you need and how we might be able to help.

Production Computer and Photographic Equipment Rental
We have a selection of computer and photographic equipment available for hire in the UK - perfect for equipping production desks ready to run a tech and to run FocusTrack or SpotTrack to document the show lighting. Please contact us for availability and pricing. (In the US, why not try our friends at Robert Hale Production Services instead?)

Showfile Translation
We have a lot of experience poking around in the showfiles of various consoles, and a lot of experience of putting shows on. Putting these together means we are ideally placed to carry out showfile translations from console to console, particularly for complex moving light shows that exceed the claimed ‘import’ capabilities of many consoles. Worst case, we can get in and fix the tricky bits or just the bits the console gets wrong by hand based on tracking information from FocusTrack. Recent work includes moving Mary Poppins from Strand 500 to grandMA for the new worldwide touring productions, and moving Parade from a Strand 500 to an ETC Eos for the recent LA production. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Custom Database Creation
FocusTrack is a database; in making it, and other projects, we have acquired an enormous amount of experience in creating custom database solutions for many problems. Need to get your information organised? We can help! Contact us to discuss how we can solve your information overload.

We look forward to hearing from you.