Licence Details

FocusTrack can be purchased in three licences.

FocusTrack is licensed to a person or organisation. That person or organisation can use FocusTrack on as many shows as they like.

However, FocusTrack can only run on one computer at a time. This means that, for example, a lighting designer who uses their own FocusTrack on every show they work on cannot leave an ‘active’ copy of FocusTrack with any one of those shows. To leave information with the show they could either print it on paper or a PDF, or the production could buy their own (Single Show) FocusTrack licence.

If used by an organisation, this limitation means that, for example, you cannot use FocusTrack in two theatres simultaneously. To do this, you need a second FocusTrack licence. For more theatres, please contact us to discuss site licenses.

Single Show:
FocusTrack is licensed to a specific production. This license is valid for the production specified at the time of purchasing only. Once the show closes, this FocusTrack cannot then be used or transferred to any other show (think of it as a consumable item, like a piece of colour, or the set!)

The Student licence is like the Full licence - you can use FocusTrack on as many shows as you like, but it can only be running on one computer at a time. However, the Student licence also limits FocusTrack to 350 lamp-focuses (ie. one light in 350 positions, ten lights in 35 positions each, 35 lights in ten positions each), and is only available to those in full-time education.