FocusTrack 1.200

FocusTrack 1.200, released May 8th 2006, included a host of new features for both managing both moving and conventional lights and cue lists


In FocusTrack

FocusTrack Row Shading
• Row shading making it easier to read list views.

• Highlight change options to show the start of a new channel, group or rigging position.

FocusTrack Highlight Changed
• 'Flag' option: a quick way of drawing attention to lights that regularly need re-focussing.

FocusTrack Status Display
• Status display shows how views are sorted.

• Beep on new options - audible indication of when you move into a new channel, group, rigging position, lamp type or other while focussing lights.

FocusTrack QuickFind Buttons
• 'QF' Quick Find buttons make it easy to find channels, groups or other things more quickly.

FocusTrack Photo Shoot Loop Mode
• 'PhotoShoot Loop' mode - automates stepping through lamp focuses while photographing the rig (just press return for next), and clearer what you're photographing.

• Improvements to session number handling for photo shoots.

FocusTrack Focus Loop mode
• 'Focus Loop' mode - large view of what you're focussing when re-focussing moving lights, automatically ticks off focuses as you do them, just press return the next lamp focus.

• Next Cue can now follow cue links in imported cue list, if required.

• Auto-fill of scene names and scenery used from Cue List, rather than having to re-enter this information repeatedly for multiple lamp-focuses.

FocusTrack CD Covers
• Printing of CD jewel case front and back covers and CD labels.

• New utilites menu, simplifying some common tasks.

• New screen lock mode for when FocusTrack left unattended in public.

• Console control via xConnect (Macintosh computers only) improved.

In RigTrack

RigTrack Row Shading
• Row shading making it easier to read list views.

RigTrack Highlight Controls
• Highlight position buttons making it easier to see start of new lamp type or rigging position in list views.

RigTrack QuickFind buttons
• 'QF' QuickFind buttons make it easy to find channels quickly.

RigTrack Focus Loop mode
• 'Focus Loop' mode for re-focussing conventional lights, with or without direct control of the console (console control on Macintosh computers only).

RigTrack Useage Display
• Useage screen lets you see what actually gets used in a light during the show - colours, positions, gobos and more.

• Jumping to big picture views goes to correct conventional or moving light display.

• More patch/Lightwright merge options.

In CueList

• CueList now merges cue list on show import rather than importing it, so you can now add your own cue list or other notes, such as smoke cues.

Cue List row shading
• Alternate row shading to make cue list easier to follow.

• Cue list display of part cues improved.

Cue List New/Deleted Cues
• Can highlight new cues or cues deleted since last show import.

• Can highlight scene breaks or sub-scene breaks (perhaps cues at the start of songs).

Cue List Scene Break Highlighting
• Scene break highlighting can be manual (via checkboxes) or automatic (matching text in cue names).

Cue List Scene Selection
• New buttons allow quick jumping to a cue number or to a scene break cue (picked from a scene list).

Cue List cue photos
• Cue lists can now have pictures imported; these pictures also appear in FocusTrack big picture displays

You can see what changed in earlier versions of FocusTrack here.

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