Cue List: A better way of managing cues
FocusTrack CueList

Maybe you generate your cuelists in Excel. Maybe you rely on what the programmer puts into the console.

FocusTrack’s Cue List gives you the best of both worlds - and more.

It imports the cue list from the console, complete with cue text and times.

You can add your own cue notes, manually entered or imported from other sources.

You can notate which cues scenes start in, which cues scenery comes on stage. FocusTrack can use that information to figure out which focuses correspond to which scenes or scenery.

You can highlight cues - the start of sequences, perhaps - making it easy to find them, or even to jump straight to them by name rather than scrolling endlessly; if you have a standard way of denoting scene breaks in the console text, you can get FocusTrack to work out scene breaks automatically rather than having to do it all over again manually.

FocusTrack CueList Scene Picker

You can jot down your moving light focuses as you make them by placing channels on a grid over a picture or drawing of the scene you’re lighting, even without importing the show. FocusTrack will match these up with information imported from the console later. Or, if you let FocusTrack do all the work, it can create a focus grid like this for each cue, giving you a handy cue-by-cue reference of what the lights are up to.

Focus Grid

You can print cue sheets, beautifully, either with all of the structure and cue parts on show or, if you’re printing for a stage manager who might not care about all that stuff, with the cue parts hidden.

FocusTrack Printed Cue Sheet

And you can add photos of cues, giving you a record of the end result of all of your work! You can even print the focus grid for each cue to leave with whoever’s running the show.

FocusTrack Cue List with Pictures

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