Re-Creating The Show
FocusTrack Focus Loop

When it come to actually re-mount a show, FocusTrack is on hand to show you what goes where, and tell you why.

It can show you information as lists or pictures, or even loop through information about successive lights without you having to manually scroll up and down or select things - just hit enter to move on to the next. As it does this it keeps track of what you’ve focussed, great for the end of the afternoon on tour when you just want to check what you haven’t got to yet. And it can give you audible feedback - beeping when you move on to the next focus group or position - so you can concentrate on the stage, not on the screen. These screens have a dark background, to better blend in with the usual ambient lighting conditions during focus.

FocusTrack Picture List

As with photographing focuses, it can also control lights as you re-focus them, again while keeping track of what you’ve done and what you still have to do.

And if your tour just throws you into a dress rehearsal without giving you enough time to focus - just get FocusTrack to go cue by cue. It can show you all of the moving lights in each cue. Or it can just show you the positions being used for the first time in that cue - ie. just the things you need to touch to get the focus back the way it should be.

FocusTrack Cue Control
FocusTrack Focus Loop screen - Miss Saigon

Or you can use Cue List’s QuickFocus screen to give you a cue-by-cue overview of what each light is doing in each cue, a handy reference guide particularly for tight specials on those actors who never quite seem to get back to the right spot!

Movie Girls Grid

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