Match to Fixture Library

RigTrack Fixture Library

RigTrack includes a library of information about many of the most commonly used lighting fixtures. If you’re using a less commonly used lighting fixture, you can add information about it by going to RigTrack then clicking on the ‘Go to Fixt Library’ button then adding your fixtures.

RigTrack FixtureLib

When you add fixtures to RigTrack manually, you can save typing by going to ‘Set Fixture Type’ and specifying the fixture you are currently working with - either an individual light, or a ‘combi-fixture’ made up of a light plus accessories such as scrollers or top hats. Pick the equipment you want from each list, then press ‘Make Combi Fixture’.

RigTrack Combi Fixtures

RigTrack Fixture Buttons

When you return to any of RigTrack’s Data Lists, that fixture will appear in the boxes at the top of the list. You can set a light to that fixture type by pressing on the button containing the relevant name, or add a new light of the specified type by pressing ‘Add Light’; RigTrack will fill in the information it knows, and ask you for information it doesn’t yet know (channel number, unit number, use).

Importing Rig Information
In many cases, you won’t enter the rig information into RigTrack by hand - you’ll import it from another source, such as Lightwright or, very often, directly from your console showfile. In this case, RigTrack may not recognise the fixture types, particularly if the import source uses different names for the fixtures (for example, RigTrack may call the light ‘VL2500 Spot’, whereas the console may call it ‘VL2500S’). In this case RigTrack will be missing some useful information, such as the fixture’s weight, power, lamp type and so on.

You can, however, force RigTrack to recognise the fixture types and fill in the missing information. To do this, you first have to either change your fixture types to match those RigTrack is expecting, or modify RigTrack’s Fixture Library to contain the name you want to use.

Changing RigTrack To Match The Fixture Library
VL2500 Spot

- go into the Fixture Library, and see which name FocusTrack uses. The name used for matching is the ‘Product Display Name’. As an example, let’s use the Vari-Lite VL2500 Spot.

- in RigTrack, go to the Data Entry List then select your ‘VL2500S’ fixtures - click on the ‘Type’ QF button, enter ‘VL2500S’ and hit ‘OK’. (On newer versions of FocusTrack, you can do this more quickly by clicking in a VL2500 entry then ctrl-clicking the ’Type’ QF button; this will show just lights of the same type as the one selected).

- Alter one entry for ‘VL2500S’ to read ‘VL2500 Spot’.

- Click in the type box, then hit apple-= (on a Mac), or ctrl-= (on a PC). Press ‘Replace’. FocusTrack will replace each ‘VL2500S’ with ‘VL2500 Spot’.

Changing The Fixture Library
- go into the Fixture Library using the RigTrack > Go To Fixt Library button.

- find the light type you want to use.

- change the ‘Product Display Name’ to the name you want to use or have used in RigTrack.

Pulling The Library Information Into RigTrack
Now the names match, you need to have RigTrack pull in the correct information for the light.

- Show all of your lights using the Show All button (or find the sub-set of lights you wish to update).

Update From Fixt Lib
- Press the ‘Set Fixture Type’ button, then press ‘Update Selected Lights by Matching Fixture Types’. RigTrack will pull the correct information in from the fixture library.

- Note that if the Console Fixture ID happens to match the Fixture Library name, you can match by that instead using the ‘Update Selected Lights by Matching Console ID’ button.

- If you updated a sub-set of lights, repeat this process for other light types as necessary.

Updating FocusTrack
Update FocusTrack
Changes made here do not automatically appear in FocusTrack (this is in case you are updating rig information in RigTrack using the ‘Rig Changes’ button, but do not yet want the new fixture types to appear in FocusTrack). If you do want to update the information in FocusTrack, go FocusTrack Main Menu > Utilities > Update Chan Info.