Highlighting Things

Highlighting Things
FocusTrack can highlight particular items in list views or big picture views, making it easier to find your way around.
By default, FocusTrack will shade alternate rows.

You can then choose to have 'new things' highlighted. Depending on how you sort a list, new things will be emphasised - for example, sort by Channel (by clicking on the 'Chan' column header) and each change of channel will be highlighted. Sort by Group Number and each new Group Number will be highlighted.

To enable this highlighting, go to Preferences:

FocusTrack Preferences button

Then check 'Highlight Next Thing'.
FocusTrack Preferences

If you check 'Beep On Next Thing' then as you step through items, FocusTrack will beep any time it encounters a new thing. This can be invaluable when you're re-focussing a rig: as you move into the next Group or FocusCue you'll receive an audible warning. Beep on Selection End will beep three times when you reach the end of a selection.

You can also 'Flag' a lamp-focus; flagged lamp-focuses will show up in amber. They can be useful for highlighting things that need frequent re-focussing (for example, specials on actors who never stand in the same place), since they will stand out in any list - particularly lists of lamp-focuses in cues. To show flagged items, check 'Highlight Flagged' in the Preferences screen.

FocusTrack Highlight Flagged

To flag an item, click on its 'Flag' checkbox:

FocusTrack Flag checkbox