If you just want to find something quickly - a reference group, a channel, a scene - you don't have to go through the whole find procedure.

Instead, just click on the 'QF' - QuickFind - button next to the thing you're interested in.


FocusTrack will ask what you want to find. So, to find everything that channel 5 does in the show, just type 5 and click 'OK' or press return.

If you want to find a range of things, type '...' as thru - so to find everything channels 1 thru 10 do in the show, Channel QuickFind then 1...10 then return.

You can also use QuickFind to add things to existing selections - use ‘+’, so ‘+36’ to add channel 36, or to remove things from existing selections - use ‘-36’ to remove channel 36 from the current selection.

For a really quick QuickFind (from FT 2.123 on), ctrl-click on the QF button; FocusTrack will list anything matching the record you are currently showing, so if you are looking at one light rigged on the #1Elec, you will see just the lights on the #1Elec.