What if I’ve already entered some of my information by hand?

QuickFocus Grid
FocusTrack’s QuickFocus function lets you easily drop lights onto a cue image to note where that light is lighting. You can then use this to generate lists of focuses, where you can add more information as required.

FocusTrack merges information wherever possible, so if you've started tracking your show manually and have already told it that you've used channel 1 in preset position 300 it will keep that information and add the information about the cues that preset group is actually used in when you import data from the console.

FocusTrack will also flag changes if you re-import a showfile. If a lamp in a particular preset focus is no longer used in the show, that will be flagged. If the pan and tilt values for a preset focus have been changed, that will be flagged (since that might indicate that the light is being used in a different position from before and so might need to be re-photographed).

Changes to the cuelist will also be flagged, with deleted cue parts shown in red and new cue parts shown in green.

And once you’ve imported, you can have FocusTrack auto-fill the QuickFocus grid, to give a clear, easy-to-read cue-by-cue summary of what every moving light is doing, perfect for handing over to those running the show every night.

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