Can FocusTrack then help me take a picture of each focus?

FocusTrack Photo Shoot LoopWiWPhotShootLoop


When using FocusTrack on Macintosh computers, FocusTrack can talk to the console to turn lights on and off in different positions for you.

To document the show, you set up your laptop and digital camera in the circle, connect the network cable, run your console’s remote user software (xConnect for Strand, Eos client for Eos, onPC for grandMA, running in a PC emulator such as Fusion, and either onPC or a direct telnet connection for grandMA2) to connect to the console. FocusTrack will then turn on each light in each position in turn: take a picture, click OK and it will turn that light off then turn the next one on.

While it’s doing this, FocusTrack records the order you’ve photographed things. When you’re done, transfer the photos from your camera to your laptop and FocusTrack will import each one into the right place.

If you want to, you can even get FocusTrack to trigger your camera for each picture.... Or, if you’re brave enough, automate the whole process while you go to lunch!

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