Paperwork To Go - With FocusTrack
FocusTrack information now available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
21st October 2010

FocusTrack on iPhone

Paperwork is increasingly not 'paperwork' but virtual paperwork carried on laptops - until actually working in the theatre when real paper printouts have often been the most convenient way to access show information while walking around the stage focusing the rig.

Now FocusTrack, the production lighting documentation system, offers Paperwork To Go - keep your paperwork in electronic form, and carry it with you on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

With the purchase of one low-priced enabler app ($19.99 for iPhone/iPod, $39.99 for iPad), any of the FocusTrack data files - FocusTrack, containing information about the positions used by the moving lights in the rig, RigTrack, containing all of the information about the rig as a whole and the focus of conventional lights, and Cue List, containing the show cue data from the lighting console, along with all of the focus and cue reference photographs, can be transferred to any of Apple's portable devices, referred to or edited while on the go, then returned to a main computer - Mac or PC.

"Apple has done a remarkable job of making the portable paperwork tools lighting people have been waiting for - lightweight, easy to carry, long battery life and much easier than paper to read in the dark!" notes FocusTrack's Rob Halliday. "We're delighted that FocusTrack can now complete the equation, letting you easily take all of the information about your rig, your moving light focuses and your cues with you wherever you are in the theatre. We think it will be the perfect choice for those moving around the stage re-focusing conventional lights, or for rep rigs where multiple electricians work to re-focus the rig between shows and will now be able to carry accurate, up-to-date focus information with them - even in their pocket if using an iPhone or iPod Touch."

FocusTrack is the solution for those looking to produce complete, accurate, comprehensive show lighting documentation. FocusTrack can import show information from ETC Eos, MA grandMA and Strand 300/500-series consoles, automatically working out which moving lights are used in which positions, which colours or gobos are actually used, which lights have never been turned on and more. FocusTrack can import the complete patch from the console or other sources including Lightwright, and imports the show cue list from the console. FocusTrack is already in use on a range of shows, including the new US tours of Nine To Five, Spring Awakening and Hair, Billy Elliot worldwide, The Addams Family in New York and more.

Further information about FocusTrack and its Paperwork To Go functionality for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is available here.

FocusTrack's Rob Halliday is speaking at LDI in Las Vegas this week; track him down there for a chance to see FocusTrack in action.